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Roku’s new smart home products are just a first step

The video platform is now selling smart cameras, light bulbs, and other gadgets under its brand. But CEO Anthony Wood’s ambitions go further What’s the most popular smart home technology we’ve seen so far? That’s easy: streaming video. It’s transformed the way we watch TV. And one of its enduring success stories is Roku. In the most recent quarter, people watched almost 21 billion hours of video on Roku’s platform, which is built into many TVs as well as its own boxes and sticks. According to Conviva, the company currently accounts for 31% of video streamed onto TVs, the highest share of any platform by far[...] Read More More Roku News @ 24/7 FREE TVStreamin News

Quickly search any site for important content using this simple Google search trick

Quickly search any site for important content using this simple Google search trick If you have ever wanted to search a website for content quickly you can do this right from Google. Either in the Google search box or in the address bar of your browser (If Google is your chosen search engine.) Here's how to do it. Open up Google in your browser and type your search request. Then leave a space and type the name of the website preceded by the website name: For example, to search for something on this website you would enter your search like this: HBO Max Deal If you entered this search exactly as shown the number one Google search result is " SAVE 40% On HBO Max! " Which is a great deal on HBO, but you best hurry because this sale ends on October 31, 2022. If you want to search another website for the same information replace with another site name. This is a great way to narrow down your search results, particularly if

Researchers make cyborg cockroaches that carry their own power packs

Solar cell and a battery can keep the cyborg's electronics running for weeks Have you ever thought you’d be seeing a cyborg cockroach that runs on solar power and carries a backpack that looks like an electric circuit? A team of researchers at Japan’s RIKEN research institute has turned a regular Madagascar hissing cockroach into a real cyborg insect by connecting a lithium battery, a solar cell, multiple wires, and a tiny electronic circuit. The cyborg can be controlled using Bluetooth signals, and the researchers suggest that, in the future, such robo-bugs could be employed for search-and-rescue missions. The researchers refer to their cyborg as an... READ MORE

Paramount+ is 50% OFF Plus a Free Fire TV Stick!

Paramount+ is 50% OFF Plus You'll Get a Free Fire TV Stick! Paramount+ is running a 50% Off Sale on its popular streaming TV service. If you pay upfront for an annual subscription, not only can you save 50% off on the regular cost, but they will also send you an Amazon Fire TV Stick to make it an even better bargain[...] Read More