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Deal Alert! Free Apple TV+ iCloud, Apple Music for 4 Months!

FREE  Apple TV+, iCloud, and Apple Music! Here's a great free deal for anyone who wants to try out Apple TV+, Apple Music, or Apple iCloud Premium free for four months. Free Apple Arcade trials are also available. But they are good for 6 months instead of 4. Here's what Apple and Target are offering Target Circle Members To get any of these extended free trials from Apple, you need to be a Target Circle Member. To sign up for a Target Circle membership, click here . There is no cost to join. But you do need to sign-in as a Circle Member, before the links will work to get the free trials from Apple. You don't even need to use a valid email address. ( disposable emails work fine to set up a Target Circle membership.) But to activate the free Apple trials, you need to sign into Apple's Web site with a valid Apple ID. Apple Arcade Free for 6 Months Get full unlimited access to 200 Fun and ad-free games.  AppleTV+ Free for 4 Months Watch original

Welcome to TV Streamers Club

Welcome To TV Streamers Club Enjoy the best streaming TV tips, new channels cord-cutting news, and more. Please visit and join our forum where new content is posted daily! Join TVStreamersClub !  

Roku Porn Streaming Sites You Can Still Watch on Roku

Best Roku Porn Streaming Sites For a long time, you could simply add these adult Roku porn channels as private channels and easily watch porn on Roku. These were the top-rated adult Roku streaming channels available. Even though Roku discontinued sideloading all private channels, these adult channels can all be streamed and watched on your big screen TV from their award-winning websites. You can still enjoy the same great content, but now you need to go about watching porn on Roku a little differently. At the end are full step-by-step instructions on how to cast online video content from websites to watch it on your big-screen TV with Roku. Top Roku Porn Sites to Watch Adult Movies on Roku Warning! 18+ NSFW (Click Names to View Sites) AdultEmpire   - One of the Top XXX sites for tons of adult content. Multiple X-Biz award winners. Many consider AE "The Netflix of Porn" with zero ads. Members also get access to multiple sites and a nice discount on items in their Sex

How to Find Ad Free Android Apps to Stop Annoying Ads

Find Ad Free Versions of Android Apps If you have ever thought about buying a Roku, Android TV box or Fire TV, then be sure to read  Roku Vs Android . Both media streamers have their Pros and Cons.  For example, if you want to watch Free content only. There are many  ad-supported Roku Free channels which have full legal movies and shows. Many Android users would rather watch IPTV streams and content still in theaters for Free without ads. And they no longer can find this type of content for free on Roku. Android has a more open operating system for now. And it's easier to find ad-free apps that someone has removed the super annoying popup ads on. These ad free Android apps are easy to find by searching for the app title and adding ad free . Using Google search engine works really well for finding these apps . Another search term that works to find apps with all the ads removed for Android are mod ad free. Finally one other search term