Deal Alert! Free Apple TV+ iCloud, Apple Music for 4 Months!

FREE Apple TV+, iCloud, and Apple Music!

Apple Free Extended Trials

Here's a great free deal for anyone who wants to try out Apple TV+, Apple Music, or Apple iCloud Premium free for four months. Free Apple Arcade trials are also available. But they are good for 6 months instead of 4.

Here's what Apple and Target are offering Target Circle Members

To get any of these extended free trials from Apple, you need to be a Target Circle Member. To sign up for a Target Circle membership, click here. There is no cost to join. But you do need to sign-in as a Circle Member, before the links will work to get the free trials from Apple.

You don't even need to use a valid email address. ( disposable emails work fine to set up a Target Circle membership.) But to activate the free Apple trials, you need to sign into Apple's Web site with a valid Apple ID.

Apple Arcade Free for 6 Months

Get full unlimited access to 200 Fun and ad-free games. 

AppleTV+ Free for 4 Months

Watch original shows and movies on the Apple TV App. 

Apple Music Free for 4 Months

Get full unlimited access to 200 Fun and ad-free games. 

Apple iCloud for 4 Months

Receive 50 GB of Data from Apple iCloud to keep your files, photos, and important documents safe. 

Redeem These Special Apple Offers

Click here to Access the Target Circle Member's Special Offers Page

The small print:

These offers all expire on June 17, 2021 

Once the allocated time for your Free trial is up. So be sure to set an email reminder or alert to let you know before the trial is over if you plan on canceling.

If your Apple ID is already associated with a free trial or subscription for a service then that ID is ineligible for this offer. If someone else has an ID in your home try using it instead.

To check on your subscription and see when it ends, on your Apple device go to Settings-> [your name](Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store)-> Subscriptions. You must cancel 24 hours before your trial is over or you will be billed automatically for the next month.


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